You can no longer add your name to our climate emergency declaration petition to Surf Coast Shire Councillors, as it will be printed and handed over to them on 23 July 2019.

Below are some of the messages and notes that people have written to the councillors.

Here is a similar petition to Geelong councillors.

To the Surf Coast Shire Council,

Given that climate impacts are already causing serious loss of life and destroying vital ecosystems, global average temperature, atmospheric greenhouse gases, and ocean acidity are already at dangerous levels, and wartime economic mobilisations have proven how quickly nations can restructure their economies when facing an extreme threat, it is inexcusable to continue with climate-damaging policies that put us all in even greater peril.

We ask of our councillors to implement a municipality-wide climate emergency response, which involves to…

• Publicly acknowledge the climate emergency

• Review the Council’s strategic plan

• Create a foundation for climate emergency action

• Implement a climate emergency plan

We’ve risen to big challenges in the past when an emergency has been declared, with citizens and all sides of politics rising to the occasion and working together for the common good. We have all the resources and ability to overcome the climate emergency, we are only lacking two things: political will and the number of people to change that political will.

We call on you to do what is necessary now.

90 Replies to “Petition”

  1. In the last 6 months, we have received reports from reputable groups in:
    – Biodiversity
    – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
    – Health
    – Economics
    – Agriculture
    – Justice
    and others saying that if we want our earth to be habitable, we must take action right now to stop emitting carbon into our atmosphere and start drawing it down.
    To achieve that we need to acknowledge that we do face a climate emergency.
    If this is accompanied by a well defined set of actions & acknowledgement that we have all that we need to face up to this emergency, people won’t be paralysed by fear.
    It’s council’s opportunity to show true leadership on climate to its constituents and honours its duty of care.
    It will be joining a world wide movement of local government authorities which currently consists of in excess of 550 that represent more than 65 million people.

  2. This is a no brainer. Please just get on and do it. We live on the coast and it is going to rip right through all these low lying areas. I cant afford to move. Can you? Will we get insurance? I doubt it.

    Besides this small detail on our doorstep, what is to become of our children and grandchildren?

    The federal politicians do nothing, but we can do everything to change the local situation and maybe, just maybe, they will see that they too must change.

  3. Please take this petition seriously. We live in one of the most scenic and natural spots in Australia and need to repair and preserve. Declaring a Climate Emergency will enable the council to move forward with purpose and demonstrate to our community and the thousands of visitors that we will not do anything to jeopardise our space, and that it deserves to be taken care of seriously.

  4. Congratulations to all in taking a stand against the lack of action by the Australian Government on climate change.

  5. I want future generations to be able to experience the same admiration for nature as I have all my life.

  6. For the sake of future generations please acknowledge the threat that could make our planet uninhabitable.

  7. It is time for the world to take decisive action to address the climate emergency.
    As frontline representatives of local community, I ask that you declare a climate emergency and take corresponding action across all levels of council planning, delivery and advocacy to rapidly decarbonise our community and build climate resilience.

  8. The recent findings relating to our climate crisis and ecological breakdown are very disturbing –

    · One million species at risk of extinction (UN 2019).

    · IPCC ‘s latest report by the world’s leading climate scientists warn that only 12 years (now 11) remain to work to keep temperatures below 1.5c to avoid catastrophic consequence including environmental breakdown and potential societal collapse and extinction.

    · By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea and new plastics will consume 20% of all oil production within 35 years, up from an estimated 5% today (Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2016).

    We MUST declare a climate emergency NOW.

  9. The time for discussion is over. We need action and commitment from those who can make the greatest change.

  10. Please declare a state of Climate Emergency for the community of the SC shire. Create & implement a plan to resolve the negative environmental issues facing this community eg Global warming, sea level rise & over development.

  11. The youth of the world don’t want to live in a place that is covered in destruction, debris and death, especially not in a place like the Surf Coast that was once beautiful.
    Stop taking what we already have for granted and do something to make what we will have in the future better for everyone.

  12. Surfcoast Shire can be a leader and exemplar in the strong climate crisis action that is urgently needed.

  13. There is a climate emergency, you need too implement a climate emergency plan now

  14. Dear Councillors
    The Surf Coast Shire Council has shown environmental leadership on many issues including waste reduction and fracking. This declaration of a climate emergency is more crucial to our common survival than anything else.
    Vicki Perrett, Geelong Sustainability

  15. Every Government that declares a climate emergency brings us a step closer to solving this existential crisis for humanity

  16. Please declare a climate emergency and act now to ensure a safe future for our children and a healthy economy

  17. Please declare a Climate Emergency and send a message to Parliament that there are people who are gravely concerned and wish to act on the behalf of our Climate and Environment. It is time to act and take initiatives towards a carbon neutral world.

  18. I ask that councillors declare a climate emergency. The cost of inaction is already building. We must act now to sustain life on this planet for our children.

  19. We need to make change now or our future generations will suffer the consequences of your mistakes!

  20. Dear person voted to represent our future ….nature is where we came from,.. nature is where we return. Please respect and protect the source of our existence…..Humans need to control themselves. We need to join the rest of Europe in declaring a halt to rampant fossil fuel usage for our healthy world. This is absolutely necessary.

  21. As more and more councils, towns, cities, states and countries around the world are making the declaration an area like the Surf Coast that has so much to lose from sea rises must follow suit.
    Australia is a country that stands to be severely impacted by the present and worsening climate catastrophe; please, for your constituents and the greater good declare a Climate Emergency and follow this by enacting as much to ameliorate the emergency as possible.

  22. It’s time to listen to the community and make our environment a priority. Please help safeguard our environment for the future and make the necessary changes to reduce our impact

  23. The time is up. We must act now!

    The effects from decades of humans fossil fuel consumption, excess consumption of meat and reliance on single use plastics is destroying our environment and the climate.

    We have a federal government with it’s head up it’s own arse and a major party who are negligent to the needs of this country and the environment and so it’s time that we ask you the Councillors of the Surf Coast to step up and protect our community.

    It’s time the Surf Coast Shire Council declares a climate emergency and bring the voice of the people that are screaming out for systematic change to our federal government to ensure a safe future for all future generations.



  24. Please declare a climate emergency to send a powerful message to State, Federal and other local governments that this is urgent and a true emergency. We need war-time scale action to fix this.

  25. The destruction of our fragile environment needs to stop, or our children face the consequences!

  26. I implore the council to implement the four actions described above.
    Thank you in anticipation of a positive response to this petition.
    Anne Mason

  27. Follow the councils and countries of the world by declaring a climate emergency and beginning the task of climate and social restoration.

  28. Please listen and act now. Please do something, you have the power to change. I’m studying marine biology and strive to protect and support oceans starting with my home. Why is Australia so behind? Listen to the scientists and please act now. Lead the way of the future, the whole community will be behind you.

  29. I care about the world we live in, looking after it for future generations is our job! Every living thing is dependant on the decisions you make from now on. Our future is in your hands!

  30. Please declare a climate change emergency. There is no time to waste. Let’s be a leader on this dilemma.

  31. I’m highly concerned about the lack of action at a government level to address climate change as an issue. It will be great to see the grass roots representatives leading by example and not waiting for our so called “leaders” to lead.

  32. the World is dying and you have to act now to give our children a chance to survive this emergency

  33. I love this planet. Everything we have been given is amazing and I hate seeing it slowly slip away. I don’t want oil spills in the bight, I don’t want the oceans levels to rise and the polar bears to die. I want my kids to surf the breaks I surf today and be able to travel to the places I have been and see that none of it has changed! So please I am 16 and I want to see a change now it’s an emergency!

  34. Climate change is real. It’s having an impact globally. Declare an emergency now before it’s too late. Doing something now will potentially ease the burden later, doing nothing is not an option.

  35. Let’s show Australia that we are not sheep- we do not follow a backwards, indulgently, selfishly ignorant government. We can think for our selves and we know that there is a climate emergency. Be at the forefront of this. You can make a difference.

  36. Everybody should be onboard with this, I’m petrified to think how this will affect our future if it’s left to late.

  37. This call for climate emergency is more than a hyper-reactive response to rapid industrialisation of our beautiful coastal towns – it’s a response to fears for our future generations and the lives they are due to live. We need to act now so that we don’t spend our retirement caring for our kids while wearing face shields.

  38. if we don’t wanna make changes for the better we gonna be forced to make changes for the worst. we won’t have the things we take for granted and if we only realise this when the damage is done we will be slapping ourselves regretting the fact that we didn’t act. it’s disgusting that people actually think they can just sit on their bum and that money matters more than their actual quality of life. we’re blind to the fact that everything we value is in danger. including money. if we destroy the earth we will have nothing

  39. don’t ruin our world. we are the ones who have to undo the damage you have done, don’t be selfish.

  40. I’m a year 12 student and i don’t know whether i should be planning for a future i may not have. Thank you for creating change and awareness on climate change as without people like you there’s no point in me planning for a future that wont exist.

  41. Please, act to protect our beautiful home for our children and their children.

  42. Climate change is no longer a threat it is fact that needs urgent addressing. We are sick to death of our politicians and councillors predominately listening to pseudo facts and only giving lip service to this issue. It needs to be addressed urgently regardless of how much it may cost, what is worth more a safe and healthy environment or your bank account.

  43. I grew up in Torquay, and I’ve recently moved away to study. I would love to return to the Surf Coast when I’m older and ready to settle down, and action needs to be taken to ensure that there is a Surf Coast for me to return to.

  44. The current trajectory of climate change will lead to more frequent and intense fires. Much of the Surf Coast Shire will be affected. Is the Shire ready to deal with the consequences – logistically and financially? It is time to think long-term rather than short-term. This is a great opportunity for the Shire to show leadership to the rest of the country.

  45. Publicly acknowledged climate change emergency.
    Create a foundation for climate change and implement a climate change emergency plan

  46. Please show some leadership and declare a climate emergency. The surf coast needs action now. Our children are depending on you to secure a livable future. Calling on you, Rose Hodge. We can do it 🙏.

  47. Please declare CLIMATE EMERGENCY..
    Be the change.
    Our lives matter. Our Children’s futures matter.
    If you can do one thing in your position to make a difference & move the cogs of change towards the wellbeing of the people, the environment, the planet.
    Do it.

  48. I feel there is a total lack of urgency for action in federal politics and this is just so disheartening. It seems like it has to be driven at ground roots. Please implement the ideas that have been mentioned for the sake of the next generation

  49. To future proof and protect what’s left of our home planet, please take action accordingly to address the real threats and first world problem of today before it is too late.

  50. Please join with Victoria’s far-sighted communities in declaring a climate emergency now, so we can work together to implement the mitigation and adaptation measures that are needed to cope with human-induced climate crisis that is now such a major issue for our children and our grandchildren.
    Thank you.

  51. It IS a climate emergency. We have maybe 10 years to turn things around and go to net-zero on carbon emissions. And change how we do things massively. I support you declaring a climate emergency because that’s exactly what it is.

  52. Lets stand united to protect our beautiful coast line and planet, amplifying our focus together on environment initiatives by declaring a climate emergency!

  53. We need this to be publicly acknowledged and an action plan put in place ASAP.

  54. This is critical to make concerted and accelerated action on Climate Change. Mobilisation of resources, climate budgets and reskilling of workers and rethinking economies that are fossil fuel dependent.

  55. As a coastal community- we literally can’t afford the $$ required to defend against rising sea level or increased incidence of bushfires due to climate change. It will cost more to not act than act, so let’s act and lead.

  56. This isn’t able to be denied or swept under the carpet for any longer. Now is the time to act responsibly in order to preserve our current quality of life.

  57. The Surfcoast Shire can lead the way by making the right decisions for environment we live in.

  58. To the Surfcoast Shire Council,

    I think it is important to understand, in context what declaring a climate emergency entails. There are many perceptions of what this action means but for the purpose of this petition it is important to focus on a few things.

    The first is that of a political standing. No matter what you believe, leadership on a global and national scale on the topic of climate change is very low to non-existent. The majority of climate action portrayed by the media or otherwise began simply with a group of people, not in politics. I truely believe the Surf Coast Council has some extraordinary people whom want to make change on this issue that extends beyond policy and into their own personal wellbeing. Yes you are a local council, but you would stand as a council not only that thinks for the future of its economy and it’s environment but also for the future of its people.

    The climate emergency declaration is one that places pressure on organisations and other councils to begin implementing future planning and resources (which when relying on finite resources such as coal, gas and oil, will be very short lived). As someone who has studied environmental science and having worked in an environment where I greeted tourists every day, focusing on the socio-economic resources of a declaration such as this is fundamental. The Great Ocean Road would benefit nothing from climate disaster as the whole coast line and its economy is fuelled by eco-tourism. According to the Shire’s own statistics (from the visitor insights 2018 findings) there were 2.1 million visitors, spending over $430m during 2017. Tourists wish to see our beautiful oceans and gloriously lush rainforests which for many is an impossibility; a dream, due to cramped living conditions and smog ridden skies. You would be surprised by how many come here and haven’t even seen stars in their life time.

    It seems an impossibility to us, but this is the reality for many. Climate change is a big issue but when one acts local and thinks global, the problem becomes increasingly small and less complicated.

    I do hope that the council will see the benefits of such a declaration as mentioned above and implement it for all our futures and especially that of our children and beyond.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mollie Vaughan

  59. Please declare a climate emergency now , the time to act is now thankyou

  60. I have recently worked with the leadership team at an inner Melbourne Council who have developed a Climate Emergency Plan for their council and community. My take-away from this workshop was extent to which they ‘agreed’ with each other on ‘the why’, ‘the need’ and ‘the direction’ that this action could take them. Despite their differences, they walked away with a shared direction and a focus on this being an opportunity to push beyond business-as-usual.

  61. Please take action on this petition for our communities, region and the future. Thank you.

  62. Dear Councillors we all need to work towards reversing the damage due to climate change. English parliament has declared it an emergency therefore i am asking you to take radical steps too.
    Yours sincerely
    Maree Young

  63. I live in Geelong not on the Surf Coast. However, I have signed this petition because the ecological health of the Surf Coast is absolutely fundamental to the well-being and prosperity of the entire Geelong region. It looks like we can’t get the Federal Government to act on climate change, so we have to work together in our own regions instead.

  64. This government seems to know more about climate change than the IPCC the CSIRO and 98% of all scientists and now even the Australian military is saying that once sea levels start rising we could have up to 40million people entering the country and that just won’t be sustainable.

    This an opportunity to make a difference to the lives of the people living on the Surf Coast but also being a leader in the most important issue that faces the world today.

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