Support the Surf Coast Climate Emergency Declaration on 23 July

WEAR RED and support the Surf Coast Climate Emergency Declaration – on Tuesday 23 July 2019 from 17:30 to 18:30 at the Surf Coast Shire Council.

There have been two online petitions and a physical petition, all submitted before/on Friday the 12th of July.

They are on the agenda to be acknowledged at the Surf Coast Shire council meeting on Tuesday the 23rd of July and we are asking people to attend because we want to that the community supports climate emergency declaration.

The decision will then be announced Tuesday 27th of August, and we would love for people to attend that meeting too, because that is where discussion will be had.

We are trying to get as many people to attend as possible, to show that the community support is there.

If you would like to come, please wear red and be there at 5:30pm.

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Signatures have been collected via four different petitions, two on one on this website, and one on paper.

Status for the online petitions on 22 July was:

‘Surf Coast Shire Council: Declare a climate emergency’ – SCEG’s petition which is now closed as the goal of 1,000 signatures was reached in just two weeks

‘Surf Coast Shire Council: Declare a climate emergency’ on has been signed by 132 people

‘Climate emergency declaration petition to Surf Coast Shire Councillors’ – petition signed by 131 people, most of whom also wrote a message to the councillors

→ Read the messages to the Surf Coast councillors on

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Below are messages to the councillors that ticked in shortly before the petition was closed:

Surfcoast Shire can be a leader and exemplar in the strong climate crisis action that is urgently needed.
Adam Fox
22 JUNE 2019 AT 8:26 AM

There is a climate emergency, you need too implement a climate emergency plan now
Karen Gloury
22 JUNE 2019 AT 12:02 PM

Dear Councillors
The Surf Coast Shire Council has shown environmental leadership on many issues including waste reduction and fracking. This declaration of a climate emergency is more crucial to our common survival than anything else.
Vicki Perrett, Geelong Sustainability

Vicki Perrett
23 JUNE 2019 AT 8:11 PM

Every Government that declares a climate emergency brings us a step closer to solving this existential crisis for humanity
Lachlan Gordon
24 JUNE 2019 AT 9:11 AM

Respect the science
Brad Homewood
24 JUNE 2019 AT 10:56 AM

It’s time to declare a climate emergency
Ariel Liddicut
24 JUNE 2019 AT 11:05 AM

Please declare a climate emergency and act now to ensure a safe future for our children and a healthy economy
Belinda Baggs
24 JUNE 2019 AT 11:19 AM

Please declare a Climate Emergency and send a message to Parliament that there are people who are gravely concerned and wish to act on the behalf of our Climate and Environment. It is time to act and take initiatives towards a carbon neutral world.
Penny Andrews
24 JUNE 2019 AT 7:44 PM

I ask that councillors declare a climate emergency. The cost of inaction is already building. We must act now to sustain life on this planet for our children.
Jono Brener
24 JUNE 2019 AT 7:47 PM

We need to make change now or our future generations will suffer the consequences of your mistakes!
Grace Styman
24 JUNE 2019 AT 7:59 PM

Dear person voted to represent our future ….nature is where we came from,.. nature is where we return. Please respect and protect the source of our existence…..Humans need to control themselves. We need to join the rest of Europe in declaring a halt to rampant fossil fuel usage for our healthy world. This is absolutely necessary.
Michael Cooper
25 JUNE 2019 AT 8:43 AM

As more and more councils, towns, cities, states and countries around the world are making the declaration an area like the Surf Coast that has so much to lose from sea rises must follow suit.
Australia is a country that stands to be severely impacted by the present and worsening climate catastrophe; please, for your constituents and the greater good declare a Climate Emergency and follow this by enacting as much to ameliorate the emergency as possible.
Ron Fletcher
25 JUNE 2019 AT 12:16 PM

It’s time to listen to the community and make our environment a priority. Please help safeguard our environment for the future and make the necessary changes to reduce our impact
Rachael Parker
25 JUNE 2019 AT 12:26 PM

The time is up. We must act now!

The effects from decades of humans fossil fuel consumption, excess consumption of meat and reliance on single use plastics is destroying our environment and the climate.

We have a federal government with it’s head up it’s own arse and a major party who are negligent to the needs of this country and the environment and so it’s time that we ask you the Councillors of the Surf Coast to step up and protect our community.

It’s time the Surf Coast Shire Council declares a climate emergency and bring the voice of the people that are screaming out for systematic change to our federal government to ensure a safe future for all future generations.



Jeremy Richardson
25 JUNE 2019 AT 1:21 PM

Please declare a climate emergency to send a powerful message to State, Federal and other local governments that this is urgent and a true emergency. We need war-time scale action to fix this.
Suzie Brown
25 JUNE 2019 AT 1:38 PM

I implore the council to implement the four actions described above.
Thank you in anticipation of a positive response to this petition.
Anne Mason
25 JUNE 2019 AT 1:47 PM

Follow the councils and countries of the world by declaring a climate emergency and beginning the task of climate and social restoration.
Dylan Mayson
25 JUNE 2019 AT 3:13 PM

Please listen and act now. Please do something, you have the power to change. I’m studying marine biology and strive to protect and support oceans starting with my home. Why is Australia so behind? Listen to the scientists and please act now. Lead the way of the future, the whole community will be behind you.
25 JUNE 2019 AT 5:56 PM

I care about the world we live in, looking after it for future generations is our job! Every living thing is dependant on the decisions you make from now on. Our future is in your hands!
Chris Fox
25 JUNE 2019 AT 7:34 PM

Please declare a climate change emergency. There is no time to waste. Let’s be a leader on this dilemma.
Graeme Biggins
25 JUNE 2019 AT 8:30 PM

I’m highly concerned about the lack of action at a government level to address climate change as an issue. It will be great to see the grass roots representatives leading by example and not waiting for our so called “leaders” to lead.
Matthew Martin
25 JUNE 2019 AT 9:57 PM

the World is dying and you have to act now to give our children a chance to survive this emergency
25 JUNE 2019 AT 10:41 PM

I love this planet. Everything we have been given is amazing and I hate seeing it slowly slip away. I don’t want oil spills in the bight, I don’t want the oceans levels to rise and the polar bears to die. I want my kids to surf the breaks I surf today and be able to travel to the places I have been and see that none of it has changed! So please I am 16 and I want to see a change now it’s an emergency!
Griffin Brown
25 JUNE 2019 AT 11:24 PM

Climate change is real. It’s having an impact globally. Declare an emergency now before it’s too late. Doing something now will potentially ease the burden later, doing nothing is not an option.
Sue Hopkins
26 JUNE 2019 AT 4:59 AM

Let’s show Australia that we are not sheep- we do not follow a backwards, indulgently, selfishly ignorant government. We can think for our selves and we know that there is a climate emergency. Be at the forefront of this. You can make a difference.
Katie Griffin
26 JUNE 2019 AT 7:09 AM

Everybody should be onboard with this, I’m petrified to think how this will affect our future if it’s left to late.
Chloe Gould
26 JUNE 2019 AT 7:18 AM

This call for climate emergency is more than a hyper-reactive response to rapid industrialisation of our beautiful coastal towns – it’s a response to fears for our future generations and the lives they are due to live. We need to act now so that we don’t spend our retirement caring for our kids while wearing face shields.
Kirsten Davis
26 JUNE 2019 AT 7:23 AM

I would appreciate not dying to global warming.
Finn Levelt
26 JUNE 2019 AT 9:49 AM

Please do something about climate change
26 JUNE 2019 AT 9:50 AM

if we don’t wanna make changes for the better we gonna be forced to make changes for the worst. we won’t have the things we take for granted and if we only realise this when the damage is done we will be slapping ourselves regretting the fact that we didn’t act. it’s disgusting that people actually think they can just sit on their bum and that money matters more than their actual quality of life. we’re blind to the fact that everything we value is in danger. including money. if we destroy the earth we will have nothing
Olympia Keon-Cohen
26 JUNE 2019 AT 9:59 AM

don’t ruin our world. we are the ones who have to undo the damage you have done, don’t be selfish.
Isabelle Boland
26 JUNE 2019 AT 10:09 AM

I’m a high school student and I want to see action
Elena Nicholls
26 JUNE 2019 AT 10:11 AM

I’m a year 12 student and i don’t know whether i should be planning for a future i may not have. Thank you for creating change and awareness on climate change as without people like you there’s no point in me planning for a future that wont exist.
26 JUNE 2019 AT 10:14 AM

Please, act to protect our beautiful home for our children and their children.
Peter Miller
26 JUNE 2019 AT 12:54 PM

Act before it is to late to do so.
Michael Hickmott
26 JUNE 2019 AT 10:54 PM

Please implement a municipality-wide climate emergency response
Maree Kelly
29 JUNE 2019 AT 11:44 AM

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