Surf Coast Shire Council: Your leadership matters

Surf Coast Shire Council: declaring a climate emergency is also to declare that Surf Coast Council will be a catalyst for responsible and conscious change in our community.

Considering the circumstances, it is criminal that the federal government allows carbon emissions to keep rising, and is continuing to investing in climate-wrecking coal and gas instead of in clean energy at a time when we see irreversible tipping points reached – now with Greenland’s ice sheet melting “unusually fast”, and dangerous methane bubbling up from the vast, melting permafrost areas.

Your leadership matters and it will make a difference, because you are not alone in doing so. Together with now 24 other Councils in Australia, and the ACT government, you are influencing even more councils to follow your step.

Soon there will be hundreds of Australian councils declaring that they are going to get this job done of responding adequately to the climate emergency – and eventually neither state or federal governments will be able to ignore your collective efforts and proper leadership.

Don’t fail on this one. This is about understanding good governance and having a good strategy for the residents of Surf Coast Shire.

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If you live in Surf Coast Shire and if you’d like to see your councillors declare a climate emergency, you can support the petition on

Over a thousand people have signed the petitions calling Surf Coast Shire Council to declare a climate emergency.

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration

→ The Economist – 17 June 2019:
The Greenland ice sheet is melting unusually fast
“It is losing so much water that it may raise global sea levels by a millimetre this year”